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Removing blood stains from concrete
Concrete is porous, so blood would tend to get deeper into it, making it harder to remove. Special treatment like the chemical method is the most effective way to remove blood stains from concrete.

Removing blood stains from leather
Dip a sponge in cold, soapy water and gently rub the stain. Afterwards, dry it with a piece of cloth.

Remove blood from hardwood floors
Hardwood finishes like wax, urethane, and polyurethane protect the hardwood floor from moisture, wear and most stains. In most cases the blood can be wiped away with a rag and either water or a common household cleaner.

Removing blood stains from carpet
There are several methods to use to remove blood stains from a carpet. It is recommended that you use the ‘gentlest’ method (Water Method) first and then proceed with the “stronger” removal methods for stubborn blood stains.

Removing blood stains from a mattress
Mattresses cannot be put in the wash, so make sure to keep whatever cleaning solution you use to a minimum. Using a paste is a great way to get rid of the blood stain, since you don’t want too much moisture to be absorbed by your mattress.

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