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Stain Guide

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Try as quickly as possible to deal with plenty of cold water and some detergent on the stain, then wash as soon as possible. Acrylic paint which has hardened, try to remove from clothing, the stain overnight in a cup to undiluted liquid green soap weeks. This can also be used for hard acrylic brushes.

Rinse alcohol immediately with lukewarm water. Rub old stains with warm spirit or with dilute ammonia and rinse with clean water.

You can do a couple of bottles of vinegar in a poisonsprayer and add a little water to it, thereby spraying the algae. Within 3 days the algae disappears. This is cheaper than expensive poison and works just as well. To immediately remove the algae can fill a bucket with warm water and a few tablespoons of baking soda. That brush with the broom. 2 days of dry weather and the trail is spotless.

Apple juice
Try to wash out the stain immediately with cold water. If it does not, try in this case, remove the stain with a little fresh lemon juice. After this treatment, the same also rinse and wash.Currants
As soon as possible make lemon juice on the stain and then rinse with lukewarm water.

If you textiles creates an absorbent layer and watered by a swab in benzene, then the stain will probably disappear. Asphalt stains on a hard floor also go very well with a cloth with salad or olive oil.


Rinse the garment under cold water, try hydrogen peroxide or ammonia on fresh blood. Use salt and water for fresh blood on delicate fabrics. Try soap for fresh blood in a pinch. Use toothpaste, meat tenderizer, or saliva on dried blood. READ MORE


The first thing to do removing a chocolat stain is blot the stain with cold water using a clean rag or dishcloth. Next, add a few drops of light-colored dish washing liquid. Mild laundry detergent or even light-colored hand soap will work too.  Blot the stain then rinse completely. If you have a tough stain you can add a couple drops of ammonia for milk chocolate or a couple drops of white vinegar for dark chocolate.  Reapply the soap, blot and rinse again. READ MORE


Let the stain dry, then brush and then rub with detergent and then wash.

Try to delete off lawyer with the blunt side of a knife. Try to remove the stain with lukewarm water with neutral detergent. If not, then blot again with benzine or alcohol.




Direct water to make the stain, then wash with gall.


First, extract the pulp remains clear. The stain can dab with water and ammonia, then wash. Or you can rub the stain with shaving foam or shaving cream, leave to soak and then wash.


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