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Welcome at Tips for Cleaning!

Tips for stains, cleaning and household.

Cleaning, for some, a hobby, for most a necessary evil. For us it is a hobby that got out of hand. A hobby that we like to share with you. What could be nicer than to have everything fresh and neat.

On our site are you will find on a regular basis new tips. Everything about stains and spots and how to remove them you’ll find in our stain guide.

On our site you can find everything back with regard to cleaning your home or office, but also your clothes, your furniture etc. Are you still missing something? Soon we will start with our cleaning-tips forum. Write a message on the forum and we will try to find a solution for your stain or cleaning problem.

Cleaning your jewelry

Cleaning sterling silver This is for cleaning all sterling silver except pieces that have stones in them. Lay a sheet of aluminum foil, shiny side up, in a heat proof container. Lay the silver chains, earrings, etc in the container on top of the foil. Pour...

Chocolate Stains, this is how you remove them!

It's that time of the year, Easter eggs, chocolate bunnies, etc. Always nice those Easter eggs ... but they can cause nasty stains! Chocolate stains are stubborn stains. This is how you remove chocolate stains: Do not use soap The chocolate stains got fixated if you...

Removing blood stains

Removing blood stains from concrete Concrete is porous, so blood would tend to get deeper into it, making it harder to remove. Special treatment like the chemical method is the most effective way to remove blood stains from concrete. Removing blood stains from leather...

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